Single Wall Paper Cup 5,5 oz (150 ml)
Single Wall Paper Cup 5,5 oz (150 ml)

Single Wall Paper Cup 5,5 oz (150 ml)

Compact, ecological, biodegradable single-use cup with a capacity of 150 ml.

Made of high-quality extruded material.

Suitable for water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, juice, frappe, cocktails, beer and other cold drinks.

Light and comfortable, the glass is perfect for home and office use.

Quantity: Minimum quantity of 1000 pieces with client's project. Production within 10 calendar days.


Technical data:

Upper Diameter: 70 mm

Lower Diameter: 52 mm

Height: 67 mm

Capacity: full volume (to the edge) 165 ml, usable volume 150 ml

Number in stack: 100

Quantity per box: 3000


PVC cover: Φ 70 mm


When ordering paper cups it is necessary to ensure that a PLASTIC IN THE PRODUCT label is placed on the cup.
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