ECOSTYLE CUPS - Cardboard cups and food packaging

The main activity of the company is the production of cardboard cups and disposable packaging. These are:

- cardboard cups in various sizes suitable for hot and cold drinks, ice cream, steamed corn and others, for use in both catering and fast food restaurants and in the home and office or on vacation

- packs for sandwiches, boxes for muffins, potatoes and others.

The high quality of our products is of paramount importance to us, so we put the best raw materials in their production that conform to European and world standards for quality and quality.

The disposable cups and packages we offer have a low thermal conductivity and keep the temperature of the beverage (product) for a longer time.

An advantage of disposable packaging is that they carry the advertising message on itself and it reaches directly to your customers. Full-color offset printing allows us to print everything you need to get an individual design of the package. The inks we use in printing are certified for use in the food industry and do not change the taste of the product.

Friendly to nature

The packaging we produce is in line with new eco-trends. Unlike plastic cups that break down for about 100-120 years, our glasses and disposable packaging made of 100% cellulose extruded cardboard degrade in nature for four weeks without environmental damage.