Single Wall Paper Cup 7,5 oz (180 ml)
Single Wall Paper Cup 7,5 oz (180 ml)

Single Wall Paper Cup 7,5 oz (180 ml)

Compact, ecological, biodegradable disposable cup with a capacity of 180 ml.

Made of high-quality extruded material.

Suitable for water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, juice, frappe, cocktails, beer and other cold drinks.

Light and comfortable, the glass is perfect for home and office use.

She works seamlessly in vending machines.

Quantity: Minimum quantity of 1000 pieces with client's project. Production within 10 calendar days.


Technical data:

Upper Diameter: 70 mm

Lower Diameter: 47 mm

Height: 91 mm

Capacity: full volume (to the edge) 220 ml, usable volume 180 ml

Number in stack: 100

Quantity per box: 3000


PVC cover: Φ 70 mm


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